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  1) Autoclave
  2) Hot air oven
  3) Bod incubator
  4) Laminar air flow module
  5) Fermenter
  6) Orbital Shaker

1) Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave outer and inner chamber made of thick stainless steel finished. The chamber is absolutely leakproof and it can be operated at any selective point in between 5 to 20 pounds/sq.inch. Fitted with automatic cut off device for element safety by piezostat.

The instrument is equipped with pressure gauge, pressure release valve, safety valve, water level indicator and perforated S.S. basket complete with cord and plug. The lid is made of thick stainless steel. To work on 220/ 240 V AC single phase.

Dia size Height Rating
10" 18" 1.50 KW
12" 20" 2.00 KW
14" 22" 3.00 KW
16" 24" 4.00 KW
18" 24" 4.00 KW
22" 30" 6.00 KW
Optional Accessories:
  • Digital indicator cum controller.
  • Automatic 0-60/120 minute timer (imported).
  • Digital temperature indicator.
  • Digital pressure indicator cum controller.

2) Hot air oven


These are designed to destroy bacteria, virus, fungus in sterilized surgical instruments, glass wares by application of dry heat with temperature ranging between 50’C-250’C with an accuracy of +/-1’C.


Double walled chamber, inner made of Alu/SS and outer made of M.S sheet, with beautifully painted. The gap between the two walls are filled with glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat loses. Imported BDH Nichrome wire heaters are placed at the bottom and two vertical side of the oven. Temperature is controlled by imported thermostat with an accuracy of +/-1’C, supplied without Thermometers.

Air ventilations are provided two vertical side of the oven.
Control panel
The equipment is provided with a panel, which is on the bottom of the oven having an imported thermostat, rotary switch, On/Off switch and two pilot lamps.
Power Requirement
220/230 VAC single phase, 50Hz.
Inner Size No. of Trays Watts
12” x 12” x 12” 1 No 1000
14” x 14” x 14” 2 No 1200
18” x 18” x 18” 2 No 1800
18” x 18” x 24” 3 No 2200
24” x 24” x 24” 3 No 3000
24” x 24” x 36” 3 No 4000

3) Bod incubator

Size: based on the customers recommendation or need.

These cooling incubators are designed especially for close control of incubation/storage temperature. These are used for B. O. D tests, storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines etc, culture of bacteria microorganism and plant life, seed germination work, serum incubation studies and immunological work etc. Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of mild steel. Flush fitting insulated door has magnetic gasket, the inner chambers made of stainless steel. The flexi glass inner door makes it possible to inspect microorganism without disturbing the temperature. The shelf position of trays is adjustable. A compartment is formed at the back of interior into which is fitted the refrigeration evaporator, heater and powerful centrifugal forced air circulator for creating positive air flow through the incubator. A hermetically sealed compressor housed below the incubator provides temperature below ambient. Built in safety thermostat prevents damage to samples in case of temperature controller malfunctioning. All controls are mounted on the top of the incubator comprising self-illuminated mains on/off switch, heat energy regulator, digital temperature indicator controller and indicating lamps.


4) Laminar air flow module

Made Of Wooden, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel

Horizontal laminar air Flow Cabinets are designed so as to meet the requirements of US Federal Standard 209 B (Bs 5295) providing particle free air to meet class 100 (Class I) conditions. The cabinets are fabricated out of thick board duly sunmica clad. Interior surfaces are expoxy painted for its longer life. The work table is made of thick board which is sunmica clad at top. Side panels are made out of thick transparent plexi glass duly framed. The unit is fitted with pre-filter and HEPA Filter. Air is drawn through pre-filter and is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters having efficiency rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with hot DOP, thus retaining all air-borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger. Using a dynamic balancing machine, the blower and motor assembly is statically and dynamically balanced. Motor of 1/4 H.P. capacity operates with minimum noise level. The working area is illuminated by fluorescent lighting fitted to the unit. The height of the working table provides a comfortable "sit down" working position for the operator. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply.

Working Area 2'x2'x2' 4'x2'x2' 6'x2'x2'

5) Fermenter

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of all types of stainless steel fermenter for industrial and institutional purposes and we situated in Bhavani,Erode district.

The fermentor made of polished 316/304 grade stainless steel. The fermentor lid contains ports for culture inlet, medium inlet, and sensor inlets.

Temperature indication in stainless steel fermentor is by Digital thermometer (0 o – 200o C) 1o C fitted to it. AC Type motor with Power capacity of 3 HP which can work at 440V supply is attached to stainless steel fermentor. The agitator in stainless steel reaction vessel rotates in speed of 144 rpm.

Fermentor is available in various working capacities.

capacity 50, 100, 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000 litre
Inner chamber thick stainless steel 304/316 grade
Outer chamber (jacket) thick stainless steel 304/316 grade
Tank flange thick stainless steel 304/316 grade
Lid thick stainless steel 304/316 grade
Legs support MS/SS channel structure
Gasket neoprine gasket
Outer cover stainless steel sheet
Shaft stainless steel shaft, with oil seal/mechanical seal
Motor ac motor standard make with gear box / dc motor with speed regulator
Power 0. 5 hp,1 hp, 2 hp, 3 hp
Supply 440v, 50hz, ac
Agitator speed 140 - 150 rpm (ac motor), variable speed (dc motor)
Temperature indicator digital thermometer (0 o – 200o c ) + 1o c
Working pressure 20 psi / 1. 4 kgcm2
Maximum pressure 30 psi / 2. 1 kgcm2
Sampling valve provided with sterilization system
Ports of the top dish for safety valve,for water inlet to shell,for pressure gauge,for air inlet with sparges system,for air outlet with air filter, for inoculation, sight glass (rectangular) with illumination
Bottom of the fermentor for drain valve
Other accessories steam generator (ss/ms), air compressor (oil free/oil),air filters (4 stages)
Optional accessories peristaltic pump, digital ph meter, rotameter

6) Orbital Shaker

Shakers are generally used for gentle mixing of liquid samples to ensure homogeneous growth of cultures. Shakers find it applications in the field of Cell Culture, Bacterial Suspension, Solubility Studies, Staining and De staining, Extraction procedures and large scale production applications.

Moreover, it’s quite affordable with adjustable speed control for gentle to vigorous agitation. It is also provide with countdown timer facility that helps the user to adjust the time of shaking as per the requirement of specific application for time dependant studies and being compact it acquires less bench space.

The orbital shaker also comes with an Incubator for temperature based shaking applications. The Shaker with Incubator is provided with a glass door to monitor the solutions on the shaker as and when required. With all these set up Spectralab has enrolled its name in the list of shaker manufacturers and suppliers catering to customers varied requirements.



Food & Starch Extuders capacity of 15 HP to 75 HP

Twin Screw

30 HP Power of Twin Screw produce 100 kg Corn Flakes.


100 kg per hour Five pass types Dryer.


100 kg per hour capacity.


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